Summer Messer Seminar 2019


On the 29th and 30th of June, ELSAMHE will host the second Summer Messer Seminar 2019 in Strasbourg.

Two days entirely dedicated to this fabulous weapons called ‘Messer’ or ‘lang Messer’, but maybe also a little bit to its descendant, the dussack.

Participants of the seminar will be able to follow classes by either widely renowned European instructors, either who deserved to have this reputation.
This event is also an echo to the Winter Messer Meeting hold three times by AMEK.


The schedule will be something like that:

Saturday morning (10h-12h) Hans Heim, disarming your opponent  Mickaël Vieillard, Hips don’t lie
Saturday afternoon (14h-16h) Marek Helman, disarming your opponent  Free activities
Sunday morning (10h-12h) Oskar Ter Mors, Breaking the Siege Emilien Sivry, Breaking the Guards
Sunday afternoon (14h-16h) Fabrice Cognot, disarming your opponent  Free activities

The hall will be accessible from 9am to 7pm on Saturday and from 9am to 5 pm on Sunday.

Instructors and workshops descriptions

 Hans Heim 

Disarming your opponent
With one hand, with the knife, without knife, with the knife and the left hand, with two hands on the knife, and so one…

Marek Tadeusz Helman

Meyer Dussack Stucke
From Bodymechanics and footwork to tactics and mindset. This workshop will be a practical approach on how to train crosscutting, provoker, taker and hitter, in Meyer dussack.

OskAr TeR Mors

Breaking the Siege
In this workshop we will be exploring the imagery of fortification that is often invoked in Lecküchner’s manuscript and use it to string together a whole set of varying techniques that will teach us how to bring the fight to our opponent by using the Langenort. This workshop is aimed at those who would like to practice some of the less well known parts of Lecküchner, but it will also appeal to sparring aficionados, as we will always make sure to explore how these techniques may serve us in a more dynamic situation.

Fabrice Cognot

How to build a messer
This lecture will simplet let you discover how the messers were built.


Mike Vieillard

Hips don’t lie
This workshop will base on body mechanics, frame and power generation. How to use your hips, your shoulders and save energy during a fight.

Émilien Sivry

Breaking the Guards
This workshop will be about reacting in front of the four different guards teached by Lecküchner. We will see how to unlock them, and how to make your opponent move. You will then be able to go on with further techniques.


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Getting there

Adress of the Hall : 3 Boulevard du Président-Wilson, 67000 STRASBOURG

Can’t be closer to the central train station (Gare de Strasbourg).


On Saturday evening, for those who registered to the restaurant option.
The meeting point will be given a few weeks before the event.


If you need to contact us before the event, please chose one of the following:

  • write to
  • use the Facebook event page FB