About us

ELSAMHE groups peoples around European Medieval Martial Arts study and practice at Strasbourg. We dispense two trainings per week during scholar periods.

Studied historical sources go from middle-ages up to XIXth century. Topics changed about each trimester. A two-handed sword fencing training is dispensed each year.

A session usually starts with  a warm-up. Then martial technics are studied, based on sources, and applied on exercises and/or opposition drills. The session ends by sparing between volunteers.

The famous Olivier Dupuis is our main instructor. Anyway, willing peoples are exhorted to go deeper in original sources and studies. Then he/she can share the results with the group and/or leads a training session.

We regularly plan courses around Strasbourg: one with collaboration of Guerriers d’Avalon with new topics each year, and a second one about XIXth century martial technics. During the summer of 2018, the first edition of an event on the “langes messer” will be organized.

ELSAMHE is part of ASCBS, a local right association affiliated with FFSavate (for the canne de combat part) and FFAMHE (for european medieval martial arts).