Fencing between 1550-1580 in Germany and Italy – Stage 2024

24 – 25 February 2024

During this HEMA event, the fencing from Meyer will be challenged and opposed to Italian way of fighting from the same period: from Marozzo to Dal’Aggochie to be more accurate.

This event is organized by ELSAMHE, a non official HEMA group located in Strasbourg, which gathered two local and official entities.


Confirmed masterclasses by:
– Petr Turya, Meyer longsword and maybe a little bit more
– xxx

Workshops about:
– Rapier from Joachim Meyer (Olivier Dupuis)
– Rapier from Dal’Aggochie (Tim Boggetto)
– Polearms from Joachim Meyer and Paulus Hector Mair
– Polearms from Marozzo/Di Grassi


An official form will be available soon.

The price for the event is about 90 euros for the weekend, lunch times included.

Expect a complement for the saturday evening dinner, about 30 euros.


The entire event takes place in the sports hall at 43 Allee des Comtes, 67200 Strasbourg:

This sport’s hall has it’s own parking, and is closed to the tramway station « Ducs d’Alsace ».