Fencing between 1550-1580 in Germany and Italy – Stage 2024

24 – 25 February 2024

During this HEMA event, the fencing from Meyer will be challenged and opposed to Italian way of fighting from the same period: from Marozzo to Dal’Aggochie to be more accurate.

This event is organized by ELSAMHE, a HEMA group located in Strasbourg, which is used to hold an annual event since more than a decade now.


Reception – 9h-10h
morning – 10h-13h Petr Turya, Meyer longsword and maybe a little bit more
afternoon – 14h30-16h30
– Rapier from Joachim Meyer (Olivier Dupuis)
– Polearms from Marozzo (Aurélien Calonne)
Free time – 16h30-18h

Reception – 9h-10h
morning – 10h00-13h Jacopo Penso, Marozzo two handed sword
afternoon – 14h00-16h00
– Rapier from Dal’Aggochie (Tim Boggetto)
– Polearms from Meyer (Maximilan Powik and Florian)

Workshop descriptions

Petr Turya – masterclass on Meyer longsword

The workshop will be organized through three separated classes. Each one is about 1 hour.

First body and mind prep. Development practices on time, speed, balance etc.

Second will be work on offense. He will pick a few stucken from Meyer and use them as principal foundation for further development.

The third will be playing with zufechten. Application of previously touched topics. Mainly combination of positions and nachreisen.

More details in the dedicated video:

Jacopo Penso – masterclass on Marozzo two handed sword

I will present the two handed sword of Achille Marozzo, following the interpretation of Opera Nova School: we will cover the renaissance master system, with some extracts from the three « Assalti » (so both Gioco Largo, Stretto and Prese), focusing on the value of the forms as a tool of teaching. When useful we will also look to other weapons of the system as well as other previous masters.

Tim Boggetto – Overhand Thrust ! How to make this darned imbroccata work in freeplay

The imbroccata or overhand thrust, is a very common way of attacking in bolognese one handed sword sources, but fencers can often have trouble using it with success in freeplay.
The workshop, using the teachings of Dall’Agocchie (1572), and anonimo bolognese (unknown), will take a closer look at the right situations and setups to use this techniques, using exercises and sparring games.

Required gear : a sidesword simulator (synthetic or steel), or a 1 handed sword simulator + mask and light gloves.

If you have it : fencing jacket, chest protector and gorget.

Aurélien Calonne – the pertuisane in Marozzo and Manciolino

The workshop will focus on the handling of pertuisane alone according to Marozzo and Manciolino. The pertuisane can be described as being a stick to which a sword blade has been added to one end. We will cover all the techniques described in the manuals and we will gradually integrate them into a flow drill. Equipment: Masks, gloves, jackets if possible and pertuisane or lance of at least 2 meters.

Stuff required: fencing mask, gloves, jacket if possible and pertuisane or 2+ meter spear. [The organizer provides participants with 2 m sticks for the workshop]

Maximilian Powik and Florian

We will go through the principles of Meyer’s system for polearms. We will focus on Quarterstaff where most of the basic stücke can be done. Through the exercises the participants should be in picture of the conception of the system, able to make efficient attacking and encounters against attacking enemy, gaining control.

Olivier Dupuis – Brawling with rapier following Joachim Meyer

This workshop will be mostly based following the rapier section in the Lund manuscript of Meyer.
In the final part of this section, Meyer described some techniques to be used in brawling circumstances, but also some ways to defend oneself against such techniques. We will study and explore the relevance of the proposition and experiment them.

Required equipment: a side sword or anything close to the mid-16th cent. rapiers, a fencing mask, a padded glove and a padded jacket


There is only one registration form, and here it is :

The price for the event is about 90 euros for the weekend, lunch times included.

Expect a complement for the Saturday evening dinner, about 30 euros.


The entire event takes place in the sports hall at 43 Allee des Comtes, 67200 Strasbourg:

This sport’s hall has it’s own parking, and is closed to the tramway station « Ducs d’Alsace ».